Friday, December 23, 2011

Catching Up II

Salam, dear readers :) Happy Friday!
Haaa, yang lelaki tu pergi sembahyang Jumaat okay.WAJIB.

Peeps, all of them are my beloved cousins.

We went out the last last Sunday. It was on 4th December.
It was a terrible day yet nice.
Lemme tell you, we wanted to have some fun but we dont wanna go to any places which have lots of people/crowded.
So, I said Brem Mall was enough. Bowling/Rollerbladding :D
Naaaaah, there was a tournament at the bowl centre!
We went to Kompleks Mutiara.
OMG, last time I went there was long ago.
Tak boleh blah, kat sana tempat bowling tutup pulak!
Everyone was hungry. Had lunch at Pizza Hut :)
We didnt have fun yet, so thinking.
Where to go? My sister said,-Kita shopping2 then lepak dekat mana2-
Everyone agreed!
Okay kerja gila. Kami sampai ke Low Yat and Times Square >.<
So, main bowling dekat sana.
I was sucked on the way back home!
I swear it wont happen again!
Erkk, something happened. and I regret it up until now.
Anyhow, I was happy as I could spent time together with them.


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