Monday, December 19, 2011

Catching Up I

I just wanna update about how i spent my time with my love ones :) yeah, i know : its late! Just enjoy the series of my catching up :P First spot : PETROSAINS,KLCC~ i bet most/all of you have been there :)

22nd November 2011

I realized, he has grown up. 
and of course you have to take care of me bila dah baligh nnt. 
opppsss -.- selalu jugak la kami keluar berdua cuti sekolah ni :)

You can get many things in Petrosains right while enjoying yourself. First time I went there when I was 10/11 if I am not mistaken. Same goes to my lil bro. dia sangat teruja. Everything dia nak cuba, sampai tak larat nak layan. HAHA.

Besides so many things inside, I still love the gondola which I called it 'KACANG'. hihi.

LOL, Aina :)

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