Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kau dan Aku =)

Hello everyone. Writing something in this blog is one of the best way to express my thoughts. I got so many things to share but to say it in a proper and nice way, I just dunno how? lol. or should I say, lack of ideas? huh -.-

Aku dan Kau.
Saya dan Awak.
Kte dan Awak.
Kte dan Kamu.
I and You.

Which one you used to address yourself with your friends? As far as I remember I used Aku dan Kau for most of my primary schoolmates. weird isn't it? You are still kid at that time and you used aku dan kau to talk with your friends. but somehow, the environment also reflects you!

When I was Form 1 @ SMKAKL, I started to learn using kte dan awk with my friends. and of course with seniors, I used saya dan akak. and I can count only a number of friends that I used aku dan kau with them. I dunno why, I feel that its a little bit rude and harsh. Same goes when I was in SESERI. yes, kte dan awk.

Well, in UIA it is a lil bit different. I feel comfortable using saya dan awak with most of them. Plus, kan baru berkenalan di sana dan tak kenal pun diri masing2 sebelum itu. but hey, with geng utara, i used 'hang' with them sometimes. ermm, usually for most of the time I calling myself- aina! Hee. and I rarely used aku dan kau sekarang.

In my point of view :) the closeness between friends reflects the way you talk to them. and of course it is far way different with your parents and family. maybe just them called you with such that panggilan ;p hihi. tapi ada je kawan2 yg saya tgk mmg teramatlah biasa guna aku dan kau dalam setiap perbualan. I dont blame and judge them just that way.

Hey, dont worry. you can still use Aku dan Kau during conversation with me :)

Unlike for BOYS, you decide yourself!
(aina rasa peliklah ada perempuan yang panggil lelaki with sayang or baby where in fact they are just friend!)

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