Monday, December 26, 2011

When you give your hand to somebody for the tie


Ammir and Fateha

I was invited by Aliyah(my darling buddy) to his brother's wedding reception at SDCC. So today I witnessed the beautiful wedding of them from the beginning to the end :) It was such a beautiful event. Everything went smoothly and well-organized. I was deeply touched by the slides :') awwww. Simple yet meaningful. Not like any others that I've watched before since the stories were read by them. I felt the words that came out was so much sincere. Both of them have known each other for 10 years! and proudly said they are SMAKLIAN :P

Pretty Aliyah :) I love your dress anyway.

Forever. Aimi Nadhirah.

Aliyah with the guys.
Nice meeting :)

US. With Puan Fazilawati :)

Love people not for what they have,
But for what they are.

Aina Nadiah.

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