Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catching Up III

Hello and good morning everyone :) this is just a random update for the past event that I've went through. HAHA. lame -.- its holiday and eventhough I'm not working, it doesn't mean I am stuck at home too. ngeh3. but yeah, if I stay at home, means I have to do the same routine! T__T hmmm, peace out! Get a life, people~ Okay okay, I am going to sum up 2 stories into 1 :P

Cosmos World...

Nurin and Firdaus.
It reminds me when I was a little kid.
Marry Go Round.

DNA Mixer. Bergolek 360 darjah. Pening gila -.-

Enjoying ourself with the train at Kids' Park.
Done with roller-coaster,swing,spinning orbit,dizzy izzy!

Me and them :P Abg Dudi is not included. Hehe.
I cheerish every single second whenever they are around with me :)

Turning 20, I think going to such this place is not the best way to have fun. 
I just feel it that way.
But going there with your love ones indeed worth!

Hope you guys are having good times with your love ones too!


The two days after :) YEAH!
Mid Valley :P

Our main purpose to go there because there was MPH Carnival that was held there.
I went there with Daus, Kakak Aida and Adik Nemy :)

Key :)

Banyak maskot yang ada dekat sana.

Oh yea, they are my cousins from my abah's side :P
we bought some novels there~

We were very happy + excited. Collected all the balloons along the way. Sadly, knowing that we've to go back by KTM, just so you know -.- we gave the balloons to some kids. and the last two, we throw it away! huh >.<

p/s : Adik Nemy, if u ever read this (i know you will read), I am so jealous because you went for skate yesterday! Haaaissshhh.

xoxo,Aina Nadiah.


Nur Nafis said...

Kuatnya berjalan!

Aina Nadiah said...

Tak lah.aina ikut je if mereka ajak.
but then i dah lama tak hangout dgn kawan2 >.<

mufid said...

yang,,lawa ksut ko kat cosmos tu,,hehehe

Aina Nadiah said...

awak :P sneakers tu dah lama lah >.< hihi