Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back to School :P

Do you still remember the old days? when you were still a high school student? wore goverment school attire?and I do.hee :) i'm lucky that i have been in boarding school for 2 years. SESERI does taught me a lot of things. and to me living in boarding school is something good to be experienced :DD no matter at what school you enroll. like SBP, MRSM, SMKA or some others daily school which got hostel :PP

actually,back to the topic. i went to seseri yesterday with Aliah and Izwani a.k.a Kecik. hee :PP punyalah susah nak jumpaaaaa especially Aliah.texting, janji2 like finalllyyyyyyy we got a chance to meet after 1 year 5 months since the last day of school. she was so busy bcos she is an IB student. just so you know. hmmmm. i could not imagine.nnt Aliah dah fly entah berapa tahun sekali baru boleh jumpa.


we went to the school to take our SPM certificate :) met some teachers. and we could see some changes in the school. hmmm, dah dapat SBT kan~ hee :))

Me and Aliah. we really missed playing basketball. so jalan2 pergi court.lepak kt sana.
Seserian called it GAS~

chit chat along the way. so manyy thingss to catch up.

in front of the school gate

walked to The Mall and wandered around. actually we wanted to go to somewhere else so that we can enjoy ourself with bowling ke, karaoke ke, hmmm. since malas nk tunggu KTM takmau pi Mid. KL tade pape. dah bosan. and lastly The Mall>.< hahaha. aliah said : jalan je lahh. the mall pun dh best.byk kedai.- hehe:PP had our lunch at Rafflesia Chicken Hut. for those of you yang belum try, cubalahh. the food was quite okay :P and that was my first time either. :D

Aliah, i know you are strong :) there are so many things u said yesterday makes we think and wonder. no matter how we have to have strong faith in God and He knows better. believe in rezeki, accept it with open heart. jgn berhenti berharap and minta pertolongan Dia. Insya'allah.

All i can say I was enchanted to meet you :DD

Thanks a lot jugak to dapat jumpa~

 Aina Nadiah.


happyteatime92 said...

nostalgia sangat kann? :') rindu kowt :)

khadijah said...

macam best pulak tgk korang jalan2 pergi sekolah.haha ;)

Aina Nadiah said...

mimi : :DD sgt byk kenangan kan :PP

Aina Nadiah said...

khaty : hee :DD jom la hangout nnt :))