Sunday, May 22, 2011

A year ago...

assalamualaikum :P
this post is specially dedicated to 
Nurul Nadiah Nordin and Nur Amira Zainudin
and to Aina Nasuha as well :) :D

i registered myself at UIA, PJ campus as a student of foundation studies in BEN programme. as i entered the main gate, there were lots of people. started to feel a bit different although i've been staying in boarding school for 5 years. settled everything about myself in the Al-Malik Faisal hall if im not mistaken. after that, headed to the hostel. i was placed at Mahallah Zainab Jahsyi.

what makes me felt happy, i found some of the seserians and smaklians who commenced at uia too. thank God.yeay-.- seriuosly, i found like different world. ofcos new environment. and i did cried.

brought my things to the room. on the second floor. when i entered the room its still empty. means i am the first one. then came a girl with her sister. had a little conversation with her.

A: hai awak.(shook hands)
M: hai.
A: dari mana? awak course apa ea?
M: Dari Muar. course english.
A: owh sama. kita pun english. eh nnt pegi mana2 sekali tau.

as far as i remembered our first meet up.

settled everything. arranged a little bit my stuffs. then came another girl.
she doesn't bother anyone. but i nudge her first lahh.:D

there was another girl which is Aina Nasuha.
haiissshhh,aina jugakk.
complete. 4 of us~

okay.we become so closed since we are roomates.
makan.pergi mana-mana pun memang sama-sama lah >.<
and ada some memories yang aina takkan lupa masa ada dekat sana.
even seminggu aje,byk bnd yg jadi.

i cant forgot the moment when i was showering happily with Miraa,there was an announcement the asked us to gather at the court. we were like errrrr -.- run to the room, rambut basah-basah pakai tudung. siap. lari turun.hahahaha. and Miraa salah bilik. dia maluuuuu gilaaa.

as i am a BEN student while Nadia is HS,
we'd to move to Nilai campus.
and still me,Miraa and Nadia.
shared the same room.

masa baru-baru,: jom amik gamba"
malu2 lagi.skrg?? hehe

we are from different state

wearing baju batik. remind me of my high school days where we used it when outing and many more.
see,our tudung. SAMA -.- Uia bagi. wajib pakai.

baju CFS.

adaorg ckp baju ni mcm pokok krismas -.-

how closed we were~

at the field :D

cepatnya masa berlalu.
setahun sudah.


Aina Nadiah.


~hAKim ZaiLAn~ said...

bilakah agaknya english aku nak mantap camni..huhu

Aina Nadiah said...

hakim, act biasa aje can just blogging in english.lets try!

Nur Amira said...

thank you sayang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sayang ketat2!!