Monday, May 30, 2011

Of Balik Kampung and Foods

im back. in KL right now. alone in my house >.< my parents are still at Kedah. okay, right after i went to Kuantan, headed to Kedah to attend the Majlis Akad Nikah Kak Lang Sue, my cousin. she married to Kelantanese guy. i was so busy too in the morning. and to me i think its a bit terrible since there was 7 couple were in the mosque to akad nikah. lol. we were so tired to wait until the akad nikah one by one. with the khutbah lagi. hurmm. and this thing usually happened. when the moment the imam and the saksi said 'sah', the girl dah jadi milik suami dia. and the father will burst into tears. kaaaaaaaaannn? siapa perasan ? -.-

Food ? ohhhmyyygoddd, i ate a lot! started from the first day. me and my cousins, we were asking to do manyy jobsss. wajik at first. do you know what is it? org Kedah pggl pulut kacau. damn tired! mcm buat dodol. then after finished, rasalahhh. then lunch with all the delicious food cooked by my Mak Chu :)) in the evening there was Nasi Kerabu -.- so saya tak makan. so the conclusion, saya makan mcm2. apalagi, roti canai, kek coklat tapayah ckp lahh, nasi kenduri tu kisah lain, nasi lemak and banyakk lagiiiii. masa packing2 kerepek, kuih, makan lagi sambil buat kerja >.< hehe.

will be continue on the wedding day~

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